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Discover new routes
with a Local Runner.

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Discover new routes
with a Local Cyclist.

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Discover new routes
with a local user

Twinapp is an easy-to-use social network by sharing the passion for sport.

Twinapp facilitates contact between athletes, one of them being a “Local” who offers to share his knowledge of roads and territory.

Twinapp offers the possibility of organizing "twins"

What’s a Twin?
It is a notice of departure for the practice of sports from a place and time determined by the user-organizer of the "Twin". You can confirm attendance at the different Twins if you wish, or you can organise your own Twins.

Tools at the service of the user

Google Maps makes it easy to locate and navigate to the Twins’ meeting point by simply clicking on the Twin’s "Place" concept. It also notifies you by means of push notifications of new Twins that are of interest to you.

Find the profile you are looking for in an easy way

Using the filters you can quickly and easily find the most suitable partner profile to share the experience of enjoying the sport. Allows you to filter by name, area, genre, hobby and category.

Twinapp has an internal messaging service and allows you to enter experience evaluations

Twinapp has its own messaging service to be able to contact you and the rest of the users, while at the same time allowing you to enter experience ratings to share them with the Twinapp community.

Twinapp Application Terms and Conditions of Use

The use of the application implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use. You declare that you are of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to accept these Terms and Conditions. You expressly and without exception accept that access to and use of the application, its services and content shall be at your sole and exclusive responsibility.

1.- Ownership, services and contents

This application is owned by CHERRYTECH SL, CIF 55303051, address C/ Volta, s/n, 17230 Palamós (Girona) e-mail, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Girona T 3169, F 155, S 8, H GI 62449, I/A 1.

Upon downloading the application, the user obtains a non-exclusive license of use, subject to compliance with the following conditions.

The application offers services to individuals who wish to carry out leisure, sports and tourist activities. The use by or in the interest of public or private legal persons or natural persons acting as traders or for profit is not permitted. The services that the application provides are:

CherryTech S. L. is not responsible for any loss of information caused by the theft, loss or damage of the device. You may modify the configuration, structure, menus and conditions of the Service at any time, as well as suspend them temporarily or permanently.

In the event of maintenance, updating or improvement operations, services may be temporarily suspended without prior notice.

2.- Responsible use

The user must make lawful use of the application services respecting the intellectual property rights over the application and its contents. The user guarantees that the uses made of the application will respect the law and that in no case be offensive or contrary to the good name and image of CherryTech SL. or from third parties. The use of the application is at the user's own risk.

3.- Relationship with third parties

The application is available in iTunes and PlayStore app stores. When you access them the treatment of personal data, the use of cookies or other resources are governed by the privacy policies and terms and conditions of use of these stores.

Localization features can use Google Maps services. When you use it, the treatment of personal data, the use of cookies or other resources are governed by Google's privacy policies and conditions.

4.- Security and incidents

The application has been developed in compliance with the standards contained in the document Smartphone Secure Development Guidelines for App Developers d' ENISA.

5.- Termination of services

The user can deactivate message reception by using the configuration procedure available under Profile / Settings / Notifications.

It is sufficient to uninstall the application from the mobile terminal to cause a total loss of service. Data generated on the server will be retained for up to 6 months of inactivity. Once this period has been exceeded, it shall be definitively deleted.

CherryTech S. L. reserves the right to terminate users who do not comply with these conditions.

6.- Processing of personal data

In order to facilitate the correct functioning of the App and the provision of the services it offers, it is obligatory to process user data. The use of the application entails giving consent to the processing of personal data in the terms and scope indicated below. The data provided by the user will be processed by CherryTech S.L. in order to provide the services described. The App allows the user to modify your personal data. The user will have to answer for the truthfulness of the data he/she has entered. In order to exercise the rights recognized by the App users' data protection standard, you can go to CherryTech S.L. through the established channels. The use does not use cookies.